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Are You a Victim of Your Own Fear?

Fear may be holding you back from starting a new business or elevating your business. You may not even know that your own fear is affecting you, and in a big way. Here are ways to tell if fear is holding you back from pushing forward.

You’re Inclined to Judge Others Based on Their Success

You see others on social media that are seemingly very successful. In a case like this, you assume that this person is doing all of the right things, and there must be something you’re not doing. On the other hand, if you see that someone failed, you may think they did something wrong for those circumstances to happen to them.

Be mindful of what your beliefs are when it comes to success and failure. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Take the success and failures of others as a learning opportunity.

You Have A Lot of Excuses

You have an excuse for almost everything. You easily pluck out an excuse for why you shouldn’t or can’t start a business right now. Some of the excuses could be: you don’t have the time, you can’t start a business because you’re too busy, or the weather is not right. If you’re passionate about starting your business, there’s nothing that should be able to hold you back.

If this is happening to you, sit down and write every reason on the planet as to why you can’t start a business right now. Afterward, take the time to think about how you would overcome those obstacles. If you’re too busy, maybe you could rearrange your schedule to give yourself some more time.

You Procrastinate

Your primary fear may be making a mistake. Everything must be perfect before you can move to the next step. Some of your traits could be: you spend too much time researching and planning, it’s a challenge for you to get things started, and you like to be right all of the time.

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